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Loading... is a unique multiplayer .IO game where you control zones created by moving your hexagonal snake.

How to Play

Use your mouse or arrow keys to move your snake.

Hold Your Ground
To gain control of zones, you need to encircle your snake around an empty region to create a closed area. The goal is to make your zone as big as possible to rank #1 on the leaderboard. Aside from controlling zones, you’ll need to be careful not to run through your own body, as this will immediately eliminate you from the game. Be safe and try to stay near your zone or you risk allowing enemies to invade. While the concept might seem simple at first glance, you’ll find it more and more complex as you play and compete with other snakes. You can play with friends or other people online.

Explore to Conquer
If you’re looking to destroy another snake in Super Hex, please note that they can destroy you if they make contact with your body. So, it’s wise to start slow and capture small zones, instead of going out there and making the largest one possible. This is because the further away you go from your zone, the higher the risk is that you’ll encounter someone trying to eliminate you. Do you have what it takes to conquer the hex map?

Platforms Developer Release Date
Web browser, Android, iOS Tekko Studios June 2017