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Loading... is inspired by and Minecraft.¬†Instead of a snake, you’re a blocky train-like worm that can move around the map. Eat blocky food to add more blocks to your train and grow into a super-long train. Pick up blocks from fallen enemies, and force them to crash into you or throw TNT at your enemies to destroy them. Try to surround your enemies and be the biggest player on the map.

How to Play


  • Point mouse – control direction of movement
  • Left-click: speed boost
  • Right-click: launch TNT
  • Enter: chat in-game

The More You Collect, the Bigger You Are
Roam the map and pick up food for your Minecraftian snake. Much like other snake games, try to grow big and survive against other players.

Wipe out the Competition
Unlike other snake games, you can launch TNT, which is quite useful against unsuspecting players. Slither toward your enemy and launch a TNT to break a piece of their body off that you can consume. Or simply block their path with your body and hope they crash into you and lose all their body parts.

Consume Your Enemies
All players have a unique avatar that you can consume. It acts as a trophy, and large snakes will often have dozens of these as a result. It’s quite fun to get a large number of kills as you get to wear their head to assert your dominance!


  • Minecraft and slither theme
  • Explosive TNT equipped for each player
  • Multiple skins you can customize
Platforms Developer Release Date
Web browser K&S Games November 2019