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Loading... is a multiplayer .IO snake game where you play as a powerline of neon glowing electricity instead of an actual snake. Play in an electrifying battleground against other powerlines trying to absorb your energy and grow stronger. Defeat your foes and consume their electric crystals to be the biggest powerline in the game.

How to Play

WASD – Move

Survive and Consume
In the beginning, it will be difficult to try and take other powerlines down, so its a safe bet to just collect as many electric crystals as possible early on. If you end up touching the border of the map, you’re dead! Similar to other snakes, if you crash into yourself, or other powerlines, you’re toast! Once you are bigger and are bold enough, you can go around and try to surround or intercept other powerlines and cause them to crash into you, the boundary, or themselves. Once you’ve figured out how to do this, it gets easier over time because you’re bigger and can easily defeat other players and collect more crystals.

Grow Bigger
Once downside to being the biggest is that a lot of other powerlines will try and kill you. While you can easily continuously grow bigger, you need to be careful of your surroundings. One wrong move and you will lose everything, and other powerlines will consume you.

Speed Boosts
When you are near an enemy, you’ll get electrified, which gives you the ability to use a boost for more speed. The boost will be faster the longer you’re near another player. If you’re paying attention, you can use this extra speed to get an edge over your opponents and potentially defeat them.

Although you can use the chat in Power Line to talk to other players, often times players will taunt, which can be distracting and cause others to not play as well. Press the T key to enter a message.

Platforms Developer Release Date
Web browser, Android, iOS Profusion Studios Unknown